Health and Safety Management Overview

Seoul Sharp Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. operates OHSAS 18001 (Safety and Health Management System), strictly adheres to global, local laws and regulations with the highest priority in safety and health in all business activities. Seoul Sharp Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of safety and health for all its employees through the establishment of an autonomous safety culture. Seoul Sharp Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. will make every effort to improve safety and health continuously.

 Health and Safety Policy

Seoul Sharp Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. declares safety and health management as the top value of all business activities, establishes and implements the following safety and health policy in order to achieve "accident free" and "disease free" at the workplace.

Establish an optimal safety and health management system and settle an autonomous safety management system and an advanced safety and health culture unique to our company.
To improve the health of all employees and business partners, clean all facilities and working environment and always manage them in the best condition.
Operate and maintain workplace safely by preemptively preventing potential / actual risks through safety and health risk assessment.
Adhere to domestic and overseas safety and health-related laws and regulations and actively accept the opinions of stakeholders.
Actively support human resources, and finance to establish and develop the safety and health management system.
Positive and active safety and health management activities are promoted through continuous safety and health education and training of all employees and suppliers

To realize this policy, all employees will do their best to know the quality policy, achieve the quality goal that we aim for, and provide the quality that raises the customer impression.

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